OOCSS for JavaScript Pirates

A few weeks back I had the awesome opportunity to speak at the jQuery Conference in Boston. A colleague, Boaz Sender, encouraged me to propose a topic, but I couldn’t help wondering, “What could a dojo enthusiast possibly speak about at a jQuery conference?”

Speak about dojo? Uh, no way. That wouldn’t fly.

How about something about pure JavaScript? Maybe I could extract a feature of cujo.js and turn it into a jQuery plugin! … Nah, that’ll take too long. No time.

Wait! OOCSS! It’s applicable to all JavaScript development!
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Deduplicate any array in Javascript

I’ve neglected this blog lately. My only excuse is that I am very, very busy! Not only have I been lucky enough to land a great opportunity working with some very bright jQuery Interactive Developers at Molecular, but I’ve also been working on something really big. (More on that later!)

But despite being busy, I felt compelled to post this one. As part of the something really big project, I had to deduplicate a potentially large array of nodes. Dojo doesn’t have a built-in function for deduplication (a.k.a “deduping”). How could it not? Doesn’t everybody have to do this once in a while?

I guess I’ll have to write one. How hard could it be?
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