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cujo.js — OOJS, OOCSS, and OOHTML — Part 1 (OOCSS for Engineers)

August 31st, 2010

One of the coolest concepts in cujo.js is the introduction of Object-Oriented CSS into the Views and Widgets. I’ve seen several engineer’s eyes glaze over when I mention OOCSS, but don’t dismiss it as just a rehashed retelling of how to structure your CSS. OOCSS is a very powerful and efficient tool, especially when used in conjunction with Object-Oriented JavaScript and inheritable HTML templates.

I’d love to dive right in and show you how it all works in cujo.js, but you’ve got to have a firm understanding of OOCSS for any of it to make sense. Let’s get started…

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Javascript inheritance explained 2

March 10th, 2009
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Wow. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve finished a technical blog post! I’ve started plenty, but have just never quite finished any. I figure it’s either because I try to tackle too much in a single post and/or because I am way too picky about the topic. Anyways, here’s a new blog post to prove I didn’t actually fall off the face of the Earth!

In my previous post, I laid out the basic Javascript inheritance mechanism, prototype chaining. In this post, I’ll elaborate on it a bit more by showing how I took this basic concept and created something workable for some very bright, but prototype-phobic programmers: Oracle Life Sciences division’s Java developers! (Java and Javascript couldn’t be more different in almost every regard, especially concerning inheritance.)
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Javascript inheritance explained

April 17th, 2007

Most of the Javascript I write is object-oriented. While deciding what I would write about in my first posts, I realized that I would probably have to review Javascript OO techniques first. Any source code I included would be unintelligible to the uninitiated. In this post — and in the subsequent ones — I will review the Javascript inheritance techniques I use and explain why and when I use them.

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